R E G I N A  C A E L I  C A T H E D R A L  C O N S T R U C T I O N !


ABEKO St. James Catholic Parish (2019)
P.O Box 650, SOROTI
ACUMET St.Francis Catholic Parish (1989)
P.O Box 802, SOROTI
Acumet SS, Acumet Health Unit
AKAJIKAJ St. Mary’s Catholic Parish (2014)
P.O Box 438 SOROTI
ALWA All Saints Parish (2019)
P.O Box 650- SOROTI
AMINIT-KAMUDA Divine Mercy Parish (2019)
P.O Box 650, SOROTI
AMURIA St. Benedict parish (1941)
P.O Box 36, SOROTI.
Sisters of St. Francis, Community, Amuria Health Unit, St. Benedict SS
AMURIA TOWN Parish (2019)
P.O Box 650, SOROTI.9
ANYARA, St. Andrew's parish (2014)
P.o Box 581,SOROTI.
APOPONG, St. Elizabeth Parish (2019)
P.O Box 650, SOROTI.
ATUTUR, Holy Trinity Parish (2019)
P.O Box 366-KUMI
BUKEDEA, St. Theresa of the Child Jesus parish (1938)
P.O Box 778 MBALE
Sisters of St. Francis community, Health Unit, Secondary school, Primary Teacher’s
college, Pastoral Training Centre.
GWERI, Holy Family Parish (2019)
P.O Box 650, SOROTI
KABERAMAIDO, St. Karoli Lwanga Parish (1953)
P.O Box 63, SOROTI
Sisters of Mary Mother of the church community, Health unit
KACHUMBALA, Uganda Martyrs Parish (1960)
P.O Box 542 MBALE.
Health Unit.
KAMOD Our Lady of Fatima Parish (2019)
P.O Box 650, SOROTI
KATAKWI, St. Stephen Parish (2001)
White Fathers, Secondary school St. Stephen SS
KATETA St. John Paul II Parish (2019)
P.O Box 650, SOROTI.
KATINE St. Kizito Parish (1987)
Health Unit
KIDETOK, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish (1939)
P.O Box 395, SOROTI
Health Centre, Community of Franciscan sisters, Catechists Formation Centre,
St. Elizabeth Girls’ secondary school.
KOBUIN St. Charles Borromeo Parish (2019)
P.O Box 650, SOROTI
KOGELAK, Sacred Heart Parish (2019)
P.O Box 670, SOROTI.
A secondary school
KOLOIN, St. Thomas Didymus (2007)
P.O Box 650, SOROTI.
A secondary school
KUMI, St. Paul’s Parish (1949)
P.O Box 25, KUMI
A secondary school, A community of LSOSF.
KYERE, Our Lady of Assumption Parish (1960)
P.O Box 650, SOROTI.
A Health Unit, Girls’ Secondary School.
LWALA, Our Lady of Assumption Parish (1915)
P.O Box 3012, OTUBOI.
Lwala Hospital, A Girls’ Secondary School
MADERA, St. Patrick’s Parish (1914)
P.O Box 55, SOROTI.
A Technical Institute, A vocational Institution, Secondary School for Girls,
Secondary School for the Blind, Msgr. John Eneku Training Centre,
Seminary, Health Unit.
MAGORO St. Simon’s Parish (2003)
P.O Box 42 SOROTI.
MUKONGORO, St. Augustine’s Parish (2014)
P.O Box 650, SOROTI.
A vocational Training School.
NGORA, St. Joseph’s Parish (1912)
P.O Box 50, NGORA
Health Unit, Vocational School, Teachers’ Training College, Secondary School
OBALANGA, St. Andrew’s Parish (2014)
P.O Box 650, SOROTI.
OCERO, St. Paul’s Parish (1998)
P.O Box 678, SOROTI
A Secondary School
OLILIM, Christ the King Parish (2019)
P.O Box 778 SOROTI
A Secondary School.
OLIO, St. Peter’s Parish (2014)
P.O Box 261, SERERE.
ONGUTOI, Holy Cross Parish (2019)
P.O Box 650, SOROTI.
OPUNOI, Good Shepherd Parish (2019)
P.O Box 650, SOROTI.
ORUNGO, St. Peter Canisius (1958)
P.O Box 167, SOROTI.
Health Centre with Hospice, Secondary School for Girls, LSOSF community.
SANGAI, Our Lady of Africa Parish (2019)
P.O Box 650, SOROTI
SOROTI, Immaculate Conception Parish (1960)
P.O Box 340, SOROTI.
Community of LSOSF, 2 Secondary schools, Diocesan Procure,
Garage. SOCADIDO/CEREDO Offices, Curial offices.
TOROMA St. Pancras Parish (1932)
P.O Box 650, SOROTI.
Health Centre, Secondary School and Community of LSOSF.
USUK, St. Ann’s Parish (1951)
P.O Box 30, KATAKWI.
Health Centre, Secondary School, Youth Centre, Community of LSOSF.
WERA, St. Michael’s Parish (1966)
P.O Box 385, SOROTI.
Youth Centre, Health Centre, Vocational School, Secondary School.