SODIPA goal is to offer a channel for dialogue and unity between and among the priests of the Diocese.

The objectives of SODIPA are:
i. To promote unity and mutual understanding among Diocesan Priests of Soroti Catholic Diocese.
ii. To promote unity and mutual understanding among Diocesan Priests and the Bishop(s) of the Diocese.
iii. To enable Diocesan Priests share pastoral experiences, methods, research and ideas for more effective evangelization.
iv. To enable diocesan priests find ways and means of helping, encouraging and supporting each other spiritually, intellectually and materially.
v. To encourage Diocesan priests inform themselves about current issues and find ways of confronting the contemporary world, basing themselves on the real, pastoral needs of the times.
vi. To find ways and means of assisting diocesan priests in their social and material needs for a better fulfillment of their pastoral duties and other responsibilities.
vii. To protect and promote rights and freedoms of the individual members of Diocesan priests’ Association.
viii. To promote the fundamental duties of every diocesan priest and the fulfillment of the Universal regulation regarding the life and ministry of priests.
ix. To respect and promote the democratic principles and process in the deliberations and operations of SODIPA.


2.1 Membership:

Today, SODIPA membership has 77 priests and two bishops. 69 of the priests are working within the Diocese and 08 are serving or studying outside the Diocese. The Diocese has three diocesan priests who are out of service. See attached list of Diocesan clergy.

2.2. Committees:

SODIPA affairs are managed by an executive committee and two working committees, namely, the Projects Committee and the Spirituality and Welfare Committee.

2.3. Statutory Documents:

SODIPA is fully registered with the Registrar of Companies (2016). SODIPA has a constitution in place. One plot has a land title.


3.1 Strengths:

i. Motivated members and leaders who cherish and make sacrifices to build priestly fraternity;
ii. Bishop member;
iii. Seasoned exemplary priests who act as role models;
iv. Legally registered;
v. Owns two plots of land: one opposite Soroti University and the other next to Holy Angels College in Madera;
vi. Priests’ House on Gweri Rd, main street;
vii. Own local sources of income (membership subscription fee, local church contributions);
viii. A hostel project is under construction (roofed).

3.3 Opportunities:

i. National programs for ongoing formation of priests;
ii. Monthly prayer meetings;
iii. Diocesan retreats;
iv. PRIM;
v. Stipends;
vi. Good will of the laity;
vii. Projects proposal writing.

4. Activities:

i. Reaching out to individual member priests and presbyteries in need spiritual and social welfare support.
ii. Enhancing regular communication with and among members, to share updates on key pastoral and spirituality issues.
iii. Conducting joint prayer programs.
iv. Developing identified low risk income generating projects (tree planting and real estate).

5. SODIPA Assets





 Land (plots)



 Priests’ House



 Registration certificate



 Land Title



 Self-inking stamp


Current executive






 Rev. Fr. Alex Ben Odeke




 Rev. Fr. Achedu Patrick Opio

 Vice Chairperson



 Rev. Fr. Cosmas Enyasu




 Rev. Fr. Oryangatum Deogratias

 Vice Secretary



 Rev. Fr. Eragu Hilary




 Rev. Fr. Omaria Micheal

 Project coordinator



 Rev. Fr. Ocok Charles

 Welfare coordinator





 BP. Joseph EciruOliach



 Fr. Abachu Stephen Jerome



 Fr. Achedu Patrick Opio



 Fr. Adou Stephen



 Fr. Aeko Bernard Michael



 Fr. AgeluJoreme



 Fr. Agit Hendry




 Fr. Aisu John Paul



 Fr. Ajuret Fabian



 Fr. Akepa Lawrence



 Fr. Alucha Emmanuel




 Fr. AngiroIsreal



 Fr. Aporu Charles



 Fr. Apuri Moses



 Fr. Asima Denis



 Fr. Auki Matthias Kalemba




 Fr. Ebeu Lawrence



 Fr. Ebietu Samuel Echelu



 Fr. Ebiju Paul




 Fr. Ebwolu Paul



 Fr. Ecogu Robert



 Fr. Edep Patrick



 Fr. Eilu Joseph








 Fr. Elungat Leonard




 Fr. Elweu Simon



 Fr. Enyasu Cosmas



 Fr. Epieru Augustine




 Fr. Eragu Hilary



 Fr. Eriau John



 Fr. Etwap Romanus



 Fr. Imalingat Benedict Francis



 Fr. Iriso Stephen



 Fr. Itiamat James




 Fr. Kayaye Francis



 Fr. Mukasa David



 Fr. Obelekek Simon Peter




 Fr. Obore Fedrick



 Fr. Ocamuna Mattias



 Fr. Ocen Patrick



 Fr. Ocok Charles Lwanga



 Fr. Ocom Joseph Ipurale



 Fr. Alex Ben Odeke



 Fr. Odeng Julius



 Fr. Odongo Geoffrey Akiso



 Fr. Oelu Peter




 Fr. Ogwang Ambrose



 Fr. Ojangor Julius



 Fr. Okella Edmund



 Fr. Okello Francis Xavier



 Fr. Okiria Samuel



 Fr. Okonye Tembo Deo



 Fr. Okurut Joseph Charles




 Fr. Olobo Valerian



 Fr. Olukor Mark



 Fr. Omaria Micheal



 Fr. Onyereny Aloysius Gonzaga Wazi wazi



 Fr. Onyait Joseph



 Fr. Opio Gonzaga



 Fr. Opio Silver



 Fr. Opure Deo




 Fr. Oreet Daniel



 Fr. Oryangatgum Deogratias



 Fr. Osier Charles



 Fr. Otai Joachim



 Fr. Oteko Deogratias



 Fr. Otim Micheal



 Fr. Waiswa Hendry Richard



 Fr. Wambeo Martin



 Fr. Wankya Simon Peter


 Priests serving outside the Diocese


 Fr. Amoni Robert


 Study Leave,  CUEA


 Rt. Rev. Erasmus D. Wandera




 Fr. Ecodu Martin


 Kinyamasika NMS


 Fr. Emalu Emmanuel


 Study Leave, Rome


 Fr. Mubiru Athanasius


 Kiyinda Mityana  Diocese


 Fr. Nnaku Francis




 Fr. Ojacor Alex


 On leave, USA


 Fr. Okiria Pius




 Fr. Okiror Alex


 Study leave, Spain